How we helped extract industry problems and match with blockchain technology companies

The need for blockchain solutions is huge and world events have shown the fragility of current critical technology. But implementing blockchain technology carries risks as well as rewards.

innovation challenges sourced globally in less than a month
total industry solutions submitted from across the world
of funding made for suppliers to develop innovative blockchain solutions
SimplyDo have helped us connect blockchain innovators with those who could benefit from using blockchain technologies. As part of the Technology Connected family, Blockchain Connected works to develop awareness and promote the blockchain community in Wales. SimplyDo’s team and unique platform helped us to showcase blockchain’s potential and foster connection, removing barriers for organisations to explore new ideas.
Avril Lewis, Managing Director, Technology Connected


Connecting public and private sector challenges with blockchain solutions


Aiming to increase industry engagement with blockchain solutions
Fund innovative ideas to explore how blockchain could be used for economic, societal, and environmental benefit
Driving collaboration between large organisations and innovative SMEs is complex

Blockchain Connected is the dedicated network for the blockchain community in Wales and works to represent and unite the blockchain community.

The Blockchain Feasibility Challenge Fund was presented by Blockchain Connected and funded by Welsh Government, to encourage collaboration and evidence of blockchain’s potential in four key areas for Wales: supply chain, Net Zero, circular economy, and digital record and identity.

In order to make the feasibility projects as varied and inclusive as possible, the funds couldn’t rely only on current networks and relationships – the process needed to engage the blockchain solution providers and potential Challenge Owners to enable open discussions, build new business relationships, and drive collaborative applications. 


Providing a digital space for challenge creation and collaboration


Delivering a time-saving solution for capturing real-world industry challenges
Unleashing collaborative potential across private and public services
Automating manual tasks such as engagement communications and managing submissions to save time and money

Working in partnership with Blockchain Connected, we customised our end-to-end open innovation workflow to capture challenges from a wide range of organisations in a time-efficient manner. Our simple and engaging digital experience attracted organisationals such as Amey Consulting, Celsa Steel UK, Tata Steel UK, and TrakCel to present their innovation issues. 

Our proven outreach approach then engages blockchain tech innovators, who propose solutions to the challenges. The in-platform social media and comments functionality also allows users to connect and build relationships leading to collaboration across public and private sectors.

Automated communication with potential innovators at key moments sustains engagement, whilst reducing the transactional burden on staff. The platform also allows effective management of submissions through project management tools, reducing the time spent both surfacing solutions and managing successful applicants.


Matching imagination and technical solutions to deliver seventeen research and development projects


Increased reach to engage innovative organisations
Wide-scale collaboration between SMEs, large private, and public sector funding
Improved quality of solutions presented

Our work with Blockchain Connected delivered significant game-changing innovation by reaching and engaging over a hundred solutions offering industrial gains in productivity, performance, and carbon reduction. 

We have also expanded the collaborative network of blockchain with 17 collaborative projects formed between the challenge owners and blockchain innovators from across the UK and EU.

This combination of a structured application process, enhanced collaboration, and iterative idea innovation drives up the quality of funding proposals supporting blockchain solutions now, and the collaborative networks of the future.

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