We provide everything you need to capture, evaluate and implement great ideas. 

The world is changing rapidly as we face increasingly complex challenges. In these uncertain times, innovation has never been more important. We will not solve these complex challenges with the same approaches as before.

This is where we come in. At SimplyDo, we bring people together to solve the biggest challenges facing us today. We are unlocking transformational change through new ideas across sectors including health, housing, defence and education.

1. Create Innovation Challenges

The most impactful innovation solves a real-world problem. Our challenge-led process does exactly this. It is customisable to unlock innovation from both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Deliver continuous improvement powered by the people that know the organisation best i.e. your employees.
  • Manage R&D open innovation funding awards with increased reach whilst reducing the admin burden of applications.
  • Solve supply chain challenges by accessing products & services from global, national or local suppliers.

2. Engage Targeted Audiences

Innovation is powered by people. Ensuring that the internal or external target audiences are identified and engaged is key to accessing the best ideas and solutions.
  • Our series of guided ‘hack’ sessions ensures challenges are engaging and aligned to strategic objectives.
  • Customise challenge web pages and response formats with automated engagement and reports to track activity.
  • In-product AI-powered tools enable identification & recruitment of pre-qualified innovators to the process (external only).

3. Capture Great Ideas

Submitting an idea is intuitive, secure and straightforward with responses structured to meet challenge requirements. The product is customised so that ideas can be 100% private or shared.
  • Accessible via multiple product routes such as our web browser application, mobile apps or Microsoft Teams.
  • Enable real-time user collaboration and saving of progress for more complex challenge idea submissions.
  • View the progress of ideas including completion stage to predict the number of submissions.

4. Evaluate & Manage Ideas

The assessment and management of ideas can become a complex and lengthy process if not managed effectively. In-product tools remove the admin burden for you, significantly saving time. 
  • Use a range of smart in-product tools to filter and sort submitted ideas all at a click of a button.
  • Allocate and track virtual assessments based on your own customisable scoring framework.
  • Deploy Kanban-inspired project management boards to assign owners while tracking progress of ideas.

5. Measure Activity & Impact

Innovation activity is nothing without understanding the impact. We’ll provide everything needed to measure activities with metrics including ROI trackers to understand impact.
  • At-a-glance and detailed reporting including customisable dashboards with downloadable PDFs and CSV exports.
  • ROI tools to measure the potential impact including revenue growth, efficiency savings and other metrics. 
  • Integrations directly with the tools you already use such as Office365, PowerBI and more.


Better Results

Unlock impactful ideas and reduce the noise by focusing on the challenges that matter. This is about quality over quantity and the implementation of ideas to deliver positive change.

Save Time

Lift your administrative burden as innovators are guided and supported through a seamless end-to-end process. Key tasks are automated allowing significant time savings for you.

Deliver Impact

Clearly measure the returns of your innovation efforts using at-a-click data reporting. This can be done either in the product or through third party products (e.g. Excel, PowerBI, etc.).

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Enterprise-level infrastructure and security

Our platform is created and managed by our UK-based, in-house team. With an absolute focus on high-security enterprise environments, all data is held in UK data centers to ensure full UK data-sovereignty.
ISO/IEC Data Security
Data securely hosted in UK-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres. This ensures GDPR compliant provider security to ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, and 27018:2014. Cyber Essentials Plus certification with annual penetration testing.
Available and scalable
Available & Scalable
SLA-assured 99.5% minimum availability with product architecture that can service millions of users and traffic spikes. Auxiliary services are load balanced within our clusters, ensuring you can automatically scale with demand.
Straightforward integrations
Straightforward Integrations
Every product function is available via our API. API keys can quickly and simply be generated from within account settings.  Requests to our RESTful API endpoint is done over HTTPS.
In-depth, Always-on Technical Support
Fully supported product implementation with onsite and offsite onboarding guidance and support. This is tailored to each organisation. We will support each and every relevant stakeholder.
Encryption at rest
Following industry standards, all data is encrypted in transit (with TLS 1.2) and whilst at-rest (with AES-256).
Customisation options available to suit the demands of every organisation. These include logo, brand colours and text across welcome pages and announcements.
Acces heirarchy
Access Hierarchy
Powerful and flexible permission management model. Administrators can assign multi-level permissions, ensuring contributors can only access the data or functionality required.
Single sign-on
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Enables rapid yet secure product implementation with Microsoft login or custom OAuth2 and SAML 2.0 federated identity providers.