For Large Organisations

Maximise your innovation process by harnessing the collective power of innovation

Maximise your innovation outcomes through our collaborative ecosystem

Deliver new products/services
Enhance customer experience
Increase sales revenue
Drive process efficiencies
Engage new recruits & suppliers
Improve staff wellbeing

Collaborative innovation and idea management

Our carefully designed software links education and enterprise hubs to large public and private organisations. These crowdsourced ideas can be in the form of closed innovation challenges (i.e. from employees), or open innovation challenges (i.e. wider stakeholder groups including customers, suppliers, startups and SMEs).

By simplifying innovation you can unlock early-stage ideas faster, identify ideas which fit your strategic objectives and deliver a motivational, fully-integrated user experience which drives engagement, all on one platform.

Outdated systems for innovation


Streamline your innovation programme

While current innovation methods often result in low levels of interaction and engagement, and a difficulty in identifying ideas of value or strategic fit, users on our platform avoid the time, cost, and risks associated with outdated systems.

The platform is low impact on staff time, simple to use and offers easy access across devices, with a competitive cost per user. It de-risks your innovation journey and brings peace of mind knowing ideas are being explored in a safe space.


Propose a challenge
Collaborate & solve
Shortlist solutions
Implement solution

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