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Collaborative innovation opportunities for your members

Give your start-ups and SMEs the opportunity to reach corporates and large organisations who are actively seeking innovative ideas. Our carefully designed software enables you to share the challenges posed on our platform with your members, with just one click.

Organisations across varying industries are looking to innovate and find strategic solutions across a number of areas, and our platform gives your users the chance to provide an early stage idea or business solution in a new format.


Add value for your members by helping them generate ideas and solutions showcasing their businesses and skills

The platform is low impact on time for your members and is simple to use, it de-risks their innovation journey and brings peace of mind to your members knowing their ideas and solutions are being submitted in a secure manner.

In addition, in-app user support and messaging functions means each time they choose to engage with an innovation challenge, your members will be self-supported throughout the whole the innovation journey.


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