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How to build £53M Net GVA

By Lydia Hutton on October 1st, 2018

Campus Director Jamie McGowan and the team at Welsh ICE have built the foundations of their success on three pillars; Innovation, collaboration and perspiration.

There are over 200 business on campus, in Caerphilly, and getting to know each of them personally is a factor that enables innovation and collaboration.

"Furthermore...", Jamie stresses, "’s the members who make it happen. If we support them to achieve their aims and objectives, the rest takes care of itself".

Jamie is laser-focused on managing the ‘community’ which is thriving at Welsh ICE - 73% of it’s members said that this sense of community was what attracted them to take up residence in the first place. Moreover, 90% of those based at the innovation centre trade with one another, indicating that a curated, collaborative ecosystem really can be mutually beneficial, as well as providing healthy competition.

"Working with an organisation, such as Simply Do", Jamie continues, "provides our members with another opportunity to work collaboratively, sense opportunities and explore new routes to market, one of the trickier parts of growing their business."

Jamie is driven to take the success at Welsh ICE beyond the walls of the centre and into surrounding communities, some of which are among the poorest in Wales. Striving for more, Jamie outlined a key ‘next step’ for Welsh ICE:

"Coming to the centre and becoming part of this community is proven to enable people and their business to become successful. City centre working, too, south of the m4 is also thriving, but there are multiple barriers to accessing either of those models. We must develop programmes and partnerships that unlock the entrepreneurial mindset and talent that exists closer to where people are, creating a pathway to enjoying the success that other members are already experiencing on-site."

The development of programmes to break these down these barriers to entrepreneurship will be a key driver for the continued success of Welsh ICE, one which we at Simply Do are keen to help support here in South Wales. Welsh ICE members get exclusive access to industry challenges using our platform, enabling them to innovate on spec and find new routes to market.

To give your members the same benefits, request a call-back.

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