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Social impact challenge winning idea looks to environmental sciences to engage young people

By Lydia Hutton on September 13th, 2018

We had a great response to the challenge with a number of solutions being submitted on our platform, exploring various science and technology.

Back in July we announced we would be supporting Techniquest with social impact challenge as part of Wales Festival of Innovation. The innovation challenge ran for the whole month, during which we encouraged innovators from across Wales to submit ideas for keeping young people engaged in STEM subjects.

While there were many great ideas - ultimately only one could be chosen as the overall winner, and we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part, and congratulations to Chiara Moriconi, a Research Student at Cardiff University who submitted the winning idea. Her idea explored the use of a virtual reality exhibition with a focus on saving our planet, and it aligned perfectly with Techniquest's vision of providing more exhibitions which have a focus on environmental subjects.

We met up with Chiara and she described her experience for us - “It was very easy! The software is straightforward and intuitive, plus the layout is easy to follow. I was pleased when I saw the competition on twitter as I’d been thinking about ways to educate people about the pollutants entering our oceans for a while. This gave me a great opportunity to see how my idea would work as an exhibition and it was really rewarding to see it come to life.”

Techniquest have recently secured £3m of funding to make science more accessible to the people of Wales. Fundraising Officer, Abe Sampson, commented on the social impact challenge, “It’s really important for us to have constructive conversations with the local community, and the platform has given us the space to do just that! It’s so flexible we’ve been able to turn blue sky thinking into tangible projects, the response has been fantastic.”

We’re looking forward to seeing the project progress and new exhibits being installed at Techniquest in the new year.