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Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons

By Abigail Cooper on July 30th, 2018

In the modern working world, full of enthusiasm, innovation and success, it’s important to gain the right skills to stand out to employers when it comes to getting a job.

I have recently completed the second week of my internship at Simply Do Ideas, working on a new student engagement programme. Working in an active, dynamic and innovative atmosphere for two weeks has really provided me with essential life skills to take forward to my future career.

I am currently a second year Geography student in University of Birmingham and as a non-vocational degree I am unsure as to where to go in my future career path. So doing work experience has allowed me to develop key core skills which are an essential part of my CV, even though I’m unsure where I may be in 5 years’ time in terms of my career.

Through this experience I have developed my skills in communication, public speaking, creativity, writing and team work, all of which are applicable to any work place in any location and are essential now in a competitive and innovative world. As well as this I have been pushed out of my comfort zone presenting to a whole team of professional staff members. Being challenged and excelling at tasks such as these, proved to me and to others that I have grown in confidence as a business woman throughout my time working in Simply Do Ideas.

Students, like myself, now need to establish the need to be ‘entrepreneurial’ and software like the Simply Do Ideas platform gives people the opportunity to gain the skills that I’ve gained from my amazing two weeks with the company. The ease of the online platform for students in terms of networking and finding work experience is a unique aspect of the software which allows young people to grow and develop these skills like I have.

For anyone who is unsure about where their career will take them or what the future holds throwing yourself into a workplace and getting some real life experience is key. You may not like it, you may be fortunate like myself to love it, but it’s all part of our journey as young people to gain these skills which will be transferable for life.

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