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The Special Relationship

By Joseph Murphy on June 28th, 2018

Joining Forces: Entrepreneurship Across Borders hosted by Be The Spark.

I thought that this framing was saved specifically for UK plc and our partners on the other side of the Atlantic, and not Wales and Spain, marking the period when Catherine of Aragon married Prince Arthur in 1501.

Whilst Royal marriages play a less significant role in binding countries and their economies together in 2018, relationships borne out of history, shared aspirations and trust are still vitally important.

Jaime Montalvo of @icex spoke with real verve and passion at Be the Spark’s Joining Forces: Entrepreneurship Across Borders event with regards to the investment opportunities in Spain, due in part to a reduced deficit in the public purse and an emphasis on exports.

A relatively small population which bolsters its numbers through tourism, much like Wales, Spain has an appetite to grow beyond its borders and position itself as a hub for trade in Europe, post Brexit. It can also operate as a launchpad for companies who want to operate in South America, where synergy between language and culture do much to persuade business to trade with one another.

Internationalising our businesses, our curriculum and our policies to meet these aspirations require greater levels of collaboration and it’s in this space, Dr Paul Seaman of @midatechpharma suggested, that new ideas can be formed and brought to market.

Harnessing relationships, however, which take research and create technologies, generate investment in production and develop economies requires innovative approaches. “We need to create clusters,” Jaime said, “…we have the talent, but we need more effective channels.”

Utilising our @simplydoideas cloud based ecosystem, ideas, challenges and solutions can be brought together digitally, de-risking the ‘border crossing’ to produce opportunities for both internal and external innovation.

When a royal wedding may no longer internationalise an economic strategy, connecting the people of the realm and unlocking their latent capacity for innovation, may just hold the key to a special relationship.