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Can an enterprising/growth mindset be applied to win a world cup?

By John Barker on June 21st, 2018

Head of Research and Development, John Barker, gives his thoughts.

The World Cup kicked off this week in earnest for England fans. But can the lessons of entrepreneurial endeavour translate into the world of highly paid prima donnas and national fatigue over another botched penalty shootout?

Can an enterprising/growth mindset be applied to win a world cup?

This train of thought started for me when I heard Paul Pogba talking about learning English. In a recent BBC Five Live World Cup Daily podcast, the French player described his journey towards anglicisation as “I don’t care if my English is bad. To be honest I am not afraid to speak. I am going to make mistakes when I speak, but that’s how you learn, by making mistakes…I love to swim with sharks” This is the epitome of someone who is not afraid of failure, and uses the learning experience of failing to continuously improve. This concept is at the heart of entrepreneurial thinking, the idea of self-efficacy, of putting yourself in situations that may not be in the comfort zone to pursue your goals.

Looking at the headlines of today's Metro the messaging from Gareth Southgate and the England camp is fear of failure and no baggage, which certainly speaks to that enterprising mindset. However how will these stars cope when inevitably they go behind against inferior opposition? Will they group together, share ideas, innovate their playing style and turn the game around. Recent history would suggest that the England team (although I am sure there are others) will not have the mental resilience and presence to do this.

But I live to be proved wrong, and to swim with some of those sharks.