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'Worth doing as the process of starting my own business has become very real in just a month!'

By Lydia Hutton on April 16th, 2018

For many, the sheer scale of starting their own business is a daunting task. Our platform provides a simple but compelling way for you to capture and communicate a business idea.

Our concept canvas breaks down the process into 6 easy steps, removing common factors which inhibit the creative process such as concerns around finance, fear of the unknown or not knowing where to start when it comes to writing a business plan.

Read Allanah’s account of the process after being introduced to us as part of her university course...

“I first came across the Simply Do Ideas Canvas in a lecture with Student Enterprise at USW Newport. We used the canvas to explore some ideas we had in groups.

I had always wanted to be my own boss and had an idea that I hadn’t thought could be a reality until that lecture. I found the canvas explored all the areas I needed to look at when researching my new idea. So I decided to download it and the process, with the help of the canvas and student enterprise, has progressed my idea quickly! The canvas signposted me easily to the areas under each heading that I needed to look into in more depth, and I found the process easy.

I’ve visited numerous play centres through my work in supporting children with special needs, and the centres do not provide provision for the children to play, so I decided this would be my challenge.”

As part of her project research, Allanah has created a survey to gather information surrounding her challenge on play centre accessibility. Please follow the link below if you would like to complete the survey.