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Simply Do Ideas: Supporting Educators across China

By Professor Alison Price on March 20th, 2017

As an enterprise educator and staff developer, sharing teaching techniques with a new audience can be cause for concern. Techniques need to be applicable, relevant, accessible and sufficiently rigorous to support the development of specific learning outcomes in students, whilst also contributing to their wider learning and skill development. But, as with educating students, deciding upon the degree of "stretch" is critical, especially if you are seeking to truly embed changes in behaviour and practice in class room that "stick" long after your programme is over.

Taking this challenge internationally felt doubly difficult - with over 65 experienced Chinese HE educators in the room, the techniques needed to transcend the language/cultural difficulties and be immediately accessible.

Thankfully my decision to use Simply Do Ideas "6Cs" canvas was perfect.
With the key words translated into Chinese, each multi-disciplinary staff group were immediately able to engage in the iterative process and develop new ideas. The 6Cs model allows groups to work at their own level and understand the richness of their ideas immediately. By using this approach with well over 350 staff in 10 months, I have been delighted with the results achieved every time. Staff loved the accelerated "fail fast" thinking that this approach welcomes and delighted in their ability to create, and test, new ideas so quickly. It was also great to work with these ideas through to a final pitch and see "non-enterprise" educators passionately sharing their new, and robust, approaches to a new business start, and commiting to use their new tools and techniques in the future.

Professor Alison Price is an enterprise educator and is Principal Consultant at Enterprise Evolution.