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Sector Response to the Chancellor's Spring Budget: Lee Sharma's Comments

By Claire Gardner on March 8th, 2017

FE News covered a sector response to the 2017 Spring Budget.

With the Chancellor's pledge to raise investment in schools to £10 billion and set aside £300m to support new PhDs and STEM subjects and a further £270m for new and disruptive technologies, [in this article] are comments from the sector on the importance of skills and education and the role they will play in the future UK econmy.

Please check the article out here.

Lee commented in the article:

"Improving the way that education is delivered must always remain a key priority if we want to effectively equip the next generation with the knowledge and skills they need to become future innovators and business leaders. Education must prepare youngsters for the world of work so if the announced shake-up can deliver on its promise to better suit business needs, it will bring significant benefits to both organisations and individuals.

"However, young people don't just need to be taught about the skills of doing a particular job, they need to learn the tools to respond, adapt and thrive in the business environment no matter which route they take. That includes being able to harness their raw talent and creativity which they can bring to the world of business - whether following a career path or carving their own future as an entrepreneur.

"As a start-up company ourselves with an ambition to help young people realise their potential to become entrepreneurs, we welcome all efforts which achieve this goal."