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Simply Do Ideas: Online learning platform receives ‘thumbs up’ after QAA mapping

By Lee Sharma on August 8th, 2016

Simply Do Ideas, the online business idea development platform, recently underwent an independent review against the QAA Guidance for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education (2012).

The Simply Do Ideas platform was mapped against the key ideas and approaches recommended by the QAA, which are:

  1. Graduate Outcomes
  2. 7 Thematic Areas
  3. Delivery Methods

The review highlighted:

  • “With idea generation at the core of the QAA’s definition of enterprise, and the pre-requisite upon which entrepreneurship education is built, Simply Do Ideas focuses upon the key learning outcomes within enterprise and entrepreneurship education. By supporting students through a clear process, they are also encouraged to assess their own knowledge, attributes and capabilities to take their idea forward; critical for moving enterprise into entrepreneurship and ideas into action.”
  • “Built upon sound educational principles, the underlying approach of Simply Do Ideas is a synthesis of the key entrepreneurial approaches evidenced within the literature and illustrated in business practice. Designed to be highly accessible and inclusive for student use, it also delivers academically.”
  • “This mapping process showed how the platform can be used as a standalone approach to delivering enterprise and entrepreneurship education outcomes, but also working in conjunction with other activities (such as summative classroom discussions or formative presentations to external advisors).“

Simply Do Ideas is also currently undergoing a review against the new European Entrepreneurship Competence (EntreComp) framework. These types of mapping processes provide additional assurances to partner organisations focused on providing the highest quality entrepreneurial learning experiences.

The Company, founded by experienced enterprise educator and IEEP fellow Lee Sharma, has grown rapidly in the past year after securing angel investment and licence agreements with universities, colleges and schools from across the UK. There are also agreements in place with national charities and government organisations. To add further credibility, the organisation became an IOEE Enterprise Academy earlier this year.