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Revamped Support Centre

By Will Webberley on July 21st, 2016

This is just a quick post to announce that yesterday we launched our new and improved Support Centre, which aims to provide helpful resources to users and administrators of Simply Do Ideas.

Currently, the Support Centre contains a few articles covering what we feel are some of the more complex parts of the platform, but we will continue to refine and extend the knowledge base as we develop further.

We've also updated the webapp to include useful links throughout that point straight to relevant articles in the Support Centre.

The Centre forms an extra addition to our growing suite of support tools, including our recently-released interactive guide for staff administrators, which walks through some key parts of the admin dashboard to help you get started more confidently.

The Support Centre can be found at If you have any feedback on this (and anything else we do), or want to suggest new articles/information, then please get in touch at