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May Feature Roundup - Part 1

By Will Webberley on May 16th, 2016

We're sorry to have been so quiet on our blog for the past couple of months! We've all been really busy planning and working on new and exciting developments across the company - from delivering workshops and sessions through to redesigning our Concept Canvas.

I thought I'd get things going again here by updating you on some of the additions and changes we've made to the Simply Do Ideas online platform.

Rich-text editing

Although this has been around in Simply Do Ideas for a while now, we never got round to talking about the fact that the platform supports richer text-editing across most of the idea-creation process.

For example, this means you can use tables to talk about your finances, highlight key sections using font and colour formatting, and even use additional images and embed YouTube and Vimeo movies right into your idea.

Feedback threads

A feature we've always supported is the ability for people you've shared your ideas with to leave comments and feedback. Previously this feature was relatively limited, since it was not really designed to handle replies to comments or allow for discussion.

We wanted to bring in more of a conversational aspect in order to support more meaningful discussion around ideas and we therefore introduced feedback 'threads', in which people can talk more about their ideas and explain their decisions in response to feedback.

What's more is that if an idea is submitted to or shared with lots of people, then they can all join-in with the discussion.


Many organisations currently using our online platform have staff administrators that are only responsible for managing a subset of the people signed-up to their organisation. As more and more people register, then it can become difficult to focus on the users and ideas that are relevant for your course, module, competition or other event.

To help solve this, we made changes to allow staff to create groups in which students and ideas can be housed. This means that an administrator running a competition can easily find the users and ideas belonging to his or her event without having to trawl through or worry about all of the other people and groups within the organisation.


As we move forward, we'd love to bring Simply Do Ideas to a far wider range of new entrepreneurs - even outside the UK. Although we're not quite that far yet, we did make a start by enabling people to select from viewing the app in English or Welsh when using the online platform.

Whilst we were there, we also translated our Concept Canvas, which can now be downloaded for free.

More coming soon...

I hope this gives you a taste of some of the changes we've made to Simply Do Ideas over the last few months. We'll post again towards the end of the month with a few more updates.

If you have any questions or feedback about any of the features and changes mentioned in this post, then please get in touch with us through Twitter or Facebook, or email us on